Friday, July 27, 2012


For a week now, Brandon and I have been planning an evening trip to Shreveport. Well being Friday night and having absolutely nothing to do on Saturday...we chose tonight!

So we made it a date night, somewhat. We made it to Shreveport about 6:30 and had dinner first, which happened to be one of my favorite places now thanks to my dad. Anyway the place is called Five Guys Burgers! If you have never tried definitely should, but always remember that one container of fries will feed the WHOLE table!

We finished dinner at about 7:30ish and headed to Babies R Us! We walked down every aisle and probably found something on every one that was either really cute or something we thought Ali needed!! It's so hard to shop or a baby when we have no idea what Ali may need. :) We had blankets and a few clothes and a possible Halloween outfit in the buggy plus some!!! We ended up with a swing, bathtub, and some bottle things..we talked ourselves out of a lot of things!! (You have to picture this guys..we had what we needed in the buggy for an hour, we sit around talking about what we needed or didn't need for the rest of the time...probably a good 30 minutes. We would put something up and then go back and get it and do it was just so hard!!!!) So we go up to the counter and check out and the lady saves us 20%...that officially made date night a success, being together and saving money...we saved a ton of money!! And guys...we ARE penny pinchers!!

Well it looks like we are close to being back in town so I'll stop for now and leave a picture of a bee outfit (that I put back) and of Five Guys!!

Later Gators,
The Trio!

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