Tuesday, December 11, 2012

An Update! :)

I haven't posted in a while so I thought I'd write a small one.

The Whitehurst Trio has been busy lately. Christmas is around the corner and going to town seems to be an everyday thing around our house. If it isn't gifts, its clothes for one of the three of us.

We have been very blessed with a TON of hand-me-downs (which I love-Thanks-Dani, Annie, Kenzi, and Mandi), so we don't have to do a lot of shopping for Ali...Brandon and I are different stories.  Brandon has lost weight right along with me which is weird because he can eat everything in sight and not GAIN a pound.......BUUUUTTTT he still loses weight! MEN are just mean! HA. I have seem to hit a plateau at the moment and I'm in between sizes, I HATE that. It just so happens that I don't have any pants in the size I need, so I had to shop for that. I really DISLIKE shopping for jeans anyway because I am so SHORT. This past weekend apparently all the stores didn't want me to buy from them, not a ONE of them had the size I needed in boot cut!

BESIDES that, Ali is very alert to every little thing. She is growing so fast! I thought all the other kids in the family grew fast, but nothing is like your own child growing! She has finally started sleeping better. She still has her nights where she doesn't quite sleep through the night, but that's okay-wouldn't change it! We have recently discovered that she has started to teethe....my child is already doing this...WHAT?? She was just born, like yesterday! :/

I know a lot of people do not read this kind of stuff, but I kind of enjoy doing this. I will try my best to update more and even add more pictures. I have the mobile app so maybe a few more posts this weekend coming up week. Every weekend has been crazy busy and it won't slow down until after Christmas.

(those of you who read this)
What are all the plans?
Anyone know of anything yet?

To those that do read; any advice on my plateau???

Later Gators!
The Whitehurst Trio