Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday dinner

This weekend has flown by! I did a lot this weekend but then again I didn't get finished with what I really wanted to.

Brandon and I went over to my grandmother's for dinner tonight and had a great time!! We all talked about some goofy and strange stuff and then we looked through photo albums! I really enjoyed looking back at what we all used to be and comparing it to what/where we are now! It is crazy to look at my baby pictures and knowing that in less than 39 days our little girl will be here! I wonder who she will look like???!!!!???

That's about it for now, I'm pretty tired and may go to bed soon!

This picture below is of our furry baby girl, Missy. She is wanting to feel her little sister kick apparently. It doesn't look like I'm pregnant has to be the way I'm laying.

Later Gators!
The Trio!

Friday, July 27, 2012


For a week now, Brandon and I have been planning an evening trip to Shreveport. Well being Friday night and having absolutely nothing to do on Saturday...we chose tonight!

So we made it a date night, somewhat. We made it to Shreveport about 6:30 and had dinner first, which happened to be one of my favorite places now thanks to my dad. Anyway the place is called Five Guys Burgers! If you have never tried definitely should, but always remember that one container of fries will feed the WHOLE table!

We finished dinner at about 7:30ish and headed to Babies R Us! We walked down every aisle and probably found something on every one that was either really cute or something we thought Ali needed!! It's so hard to shop or a baby when we have no idea what Ali may need. :) We had blankets and a few clothes and a possible Halloween outfit in the buggy plus some!!! We ended up with a swing, bathtub, and some bottle things..we talked ourselves out of a lot of things!! (You have to picture this guys..we had what we needed in the buggy for an hour, we sit around talking about what we needed or didn't need for the rest of the time...probably a good 30 minutes. We would put something up and then go back and get it and do it was just so hard!!!!) So we go up to the counter and check out and the lady saves us 20%...that officially made date night a success, being together and saving money...we saved a ton of money!! And guys...we ARE penny pinchers!!

Well it looks like we are close to being back in town so I'll stop for now and leave a picture of a bee outfit (that I put back) and of Five Guys!!

Later Gators,
The Trio!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Getting ready for baby...

This week has been somewhat slow at work so I have been catching up on some reading!

I've been reading all kind of books and magazines on different baby things! Whether to breast feed or not, what kinds of things are a necessity when it comes to buying things for baby, to go natural or get the juice, am I eating the right things for baby to grow and be healthy for delivery....basically all kinds of things!

Let me tell ya...maybe I shouldn't be reading these! I get freaked out about certain stuff pretty easy and it sticks it my head! Especially different scenarios of labor and don't even want to know what is sticking around in my head for the day of!! Any pointers from you moms out there would be great...but don't freak me out even more so only good things!!! :P


This weekend I will do my best to post some pictures of Ali's nursery. Some of you maybe wanting to see it and can't come over so be on the look out!

Later Gators,
The Trio! :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Boy meets Girl, Boy Marries Girl, and then.....

A little about me to start off....

I'm Andria Johnson Whitehurst. I have been with the best guy in the world, Brandon Whitehurst for almost 9 years. Brandon asked me to be his girl on December 12, 2003 and of course...I said Yes. On November 12, 2007...he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. AND of course I said YYYYYEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!  The Big Day came quicker than I expected.... and I changed my name as we became one on June 7, 2008. And you know what....I wouldn't change it for the WORLD.

Soooo Boy meets Girl, Boy Marries Girl and then.....Boy and Girl have Baby!

After 4 years of being together and doing our own thing.......we are bringing a little one into this world! We found out in January 2012 we were expecting!! In April we found out it is a little girl and we are naming her Alison Rae. We are so excited to meet and hold this precious little bundle that seems to be bruising every part of my body, but it will be worth it!! We are almost to her due date though, September 6, 2012. If you were to ask me I would say August 31st but we will see. We all have our dates picked out!

Anyway...That's just a preview of our life in a few sentences. I will use this blog to show people what is going on in our life...the good, the bad, and the ugly!!!!

Also any tips on making this prettier will be greatly appreciated!!! :)