Monday, June 10, 2013



The Miss Hooks Pageant came in and went like a light.  I was going to post pictures but I don't have any good ones, Brandon didn't get up and take pictures up close!!
love ya babe, :)

Since the last time I blogged...we bought land and decided to sell our house.  We had the house up for almost two weeks and got a hit. A couple from here! They loved the house and made and offer and we accepted. SO, needless to say we will be moving here shortly.  Our plans are to save and then build within the next three years. It should be before the three years are up...but that is a fair time line!

Ali has grown like a weed. She is 9 months now! Where did that time go? She is so stinkin' adorable! I know I may be partial but can't say she isn't!!! :)
(picture at 5 months or so)
See???? What did I tell ya. TOO CUTE.

I have a new addiction at the moment. I suppose two!!! Candy Crush Saga and Pinterest.

Whoever came up with those two, really had nothing better to do, and now...when Ali is asleep or I'm in the car....that's all I do! THANKS! HAHA!!! I need help getting passed 117. Any suggestions. I am to the point, I want to throw my phone out the stinkin window.  With pinterest...I'm sure Brandon would like to kill me. I have made all kinds of new creations with dinner, desserts, and DIY projects. I love it! I try new things...somethings aren't so good, so we don't have it again, but other times they are flippin sweet. Like the oreo icebox pie. AMAZING!!! Found Here 
Follow ME on Pinterest too. I have a ton of stuff on there and I'm sure a ton more soon. :)

Any way, the next month or a little over a month is going to be crazy. So I figured I'd update ya and then leave ya be for a little and then come back again! lol!

Oh yea...I am also stuck at the same weight, 3 months now! HOWEVER, I am toning and I can tell somewhat, and others SEE the results. So I have to be doing something right. The scale is just a number...that number doesn't even matter! I wouldn't have thought that when I started my weight loss journey but boy things change! I'll see if I can't post a before and present picture soon.

I will try and blog more for those of you who actually like to read this!

Later Gators,
The Whitehurst Trio!