Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday dinner

This weekend has flown by! I did a lot this weekend but then again I didn't get finished with what I really wanted to.

Brandon and I went over to my grandmother's for dinner tonight and had a great time!! We all talked about some goofy and strange stuff and then we looked through photo albums! I really enjoyed looking back at what we all used to be and comparing it to what/where we are now! It is crazy to look at my baby pictures and knowing that in less than 39 days our little girl will be here! I wonder who she will look like???!!!!???

That's about it for now, I'm pretty tired and may go to bed soon!

This picture below is of our furry baby girl, Missy. She is wanting to feel her little sister kick apparently. It doesn't look like I'm pregnant has to be the way I'm laying.

Later Gators!
The Trio!

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  1. Ok...sorry I'm late getting back to you! I see that you figured out how to do the About Me section. Love that you have a blog now!!! :)