Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My favorite thing to HATE!!

So tonight maybe ten minutes ago....

I am rolling over to hear my name come from the living room! I got up to see what Brandon needed. He calmly said at the back door with the door open, his head barely through the doorway, porch light on, 'I need you get dressed and come outside. I have a snake pinned.'

It took me a second to realize what he was saying. I came back to our room and did what he said. Of course I had to pee first just in case I was to encounter something and just happened to pee on myself...it wouldn't be as much! Like that matters! :) I even put tennis shoes on instead of just flip flops or my crocs. I couldn't risk my short munchkin toes getting attacked!

So I'm ready and go to the door to find him with a shovel and the snake pinned to the concrete. He fills me in on what has happened and tells me to get a hammer. So I go to his shop and get a hammer while also looking around EVERYWHERE to make sure there isn't another one! I bring it back and do what he instructs me to do...I'm scared but I do it. He officially kills this nasty thing and we talk about what he came out to find.

Coco was pacing around the dog house. Bailey was pinned in by this snake. And let me tell ya...you don't mess with our babies...they will do all they can to get you! Coco is very good about that..anyway! She was in striking distance of this thing and at anytime could have gotten bit but she chose to protect her sister. They are really good dogs...horrible with digging but GREAT!

Okay so we figure that this nasty thing that I LOVE to HATE came from out neighbors yard. Go figure that no one has lived in this house for ummm legs say 5 or so months, maybe a little longer. You'd think that the realtor thy has it up for sale would take care of the yard....NOPE. I called three or four weeks ago to get something to done. (Guys I'm talking like grass half way up our fence and very trashy). So since he didn't do anything I went to the City with it and made a complaint. He apparently worked because they (the owners who are in foreclosure...not their responsibility if you ask me) started mowing the very front yard and supposedly their mower messes up...really???? But hey...they've started and are supposed to be back this weekend. Since they started cleaning it up...it had to have come from their nasty yard. Maybe one day we will have good CLEAN neighbors! :/

I am glad it happened tonight instead of tomorrow...if Brandon would have went out to feed the dogs in the morning he would have been caught off guard or even bit!

In the end....my husband is a good snake killer (TWO this year..one in house and one out), my big girls outside are good and ALIVE, and we will for SURE have more snake away by the time we get home tonight!

Anyway...I have been at this for nearly 30 minutes now...so I'll stop. I won't be going to sleep for a few but I'll stop writing!!!

Ooo as far as baby...I'm still a 1 and 25% effaced...maybe this week we will have more progress!

Later Gators,
The Trio

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